It’s just SO EASY when you have the right tools!

Change your mind…

Change your life!

This year, you can achieve your resolutions in 2018, the EASY and Natural Way.

SWIFT RESULTS Clinical Hypnotherapy uses the latest up to date Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP tools and techniques, communicating directly with your subconscious mind, changing your internal programming to create new thoughts and reinforce new, positive habits.

here is how it works
Think of your subconscious mind as the master controller in everything you do. It forms an automatic response to everyday life events.
When you try and change these automatic responses (habits) at a rational conscious level, you may achieve short-term success. But may also face strong internal resistance.
After a few weeks, you may give up (92% of New Year resolutions fail), and return to your old habits. Simply because you haven’t changed your internal programming, your autopilot.
SWIFT RESULTS Clinical Hypnotherapy uses the latest up to date Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP tools and techniques, reprogramming your automatic responses.
SWIFT RESULTS Clinical Hypnotherapy resets the navigation and direction of your own autopilot – creating the changes you want EASILY and NATURALLY.
This powerful process usually requires only a few sessions. PLUS you will be provided with real tools and techniques AND support material, MP3’s etc – so YOU CAN achieve your
The power of the mind influencing your body IS REAL!
The power of the mind influencing your body IS REAL!

Change your mind…

Change your life!

Change your mind…

Change your life!

Clinical Hypnotherapy Services in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Don’t just take our word for it
Numerous Scientific research and studies – covering everything from blood pressure, stress and anxiety, IBS, weight loss, smoking, pain management and Child Birth – conclude that hypnotherapy is more effective, has more health benefits and is longer lasting than other methods in healing the body, changing behaviour, and supports the successful achievement of goals.
What our clients are saying about us
I am so glad I made the appointment to see you Natalie. Going smoke free has actually been easier than I imagined thanks to your hypnosis session and coping tools you have provided. I feel better healthwise already and have an overwhelming sense of freedom.

Thank you so much.


Natalie Jane is excellent! I took my daughter to see her and was amazed at the positive outcome. My daughter has seen a big improvement in her health and is also able to manage her extremely busy schedule at university without any “stress meltdowns”.

I was so impressed, I went!
I would recommend this to anyone. Give it a go, and see the Swift Results.


I’ve been a nail biter my whole life, I’ve tried everything to stop biting, but nothing ever worked, or worked for more than a week or so…..I decided to do hypnotherapy with Natalie Jane, and I’m so pleased I did – because after 30 something years of biting I’ve finally stopped! I’m so thrilled to feel like a real grown up – and not have to hide my hands all the time! Thanks Natalie Jane!! Amazing result for me.


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